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Help a mate,
have a cuppa.

Tea blends that prevent youth hunger, homelessness & suicide.

Ground Chai Original Blend

Native ingredients
in every cup.

Full of health benefits

Packed with the goods.

Giving to the community

Helping your mates,
and their mates too.

Environmentally sustainable & Ethically made

From start to finish.


Let’s save the world, one warm cuppa at a time. We’re the makers of heart warming, soul giving, whole healing, love yielding, noggin’ relieving, feels fixing, fcking good tea. Put it in your mouth to eliminate youth  hunger, homelessness and suicide. 


We run Giving WorkshopsTM that give youth the skills to survive, the confidence to thrive, and to believe in their fellow human being. Put it in your mind to to eliminate youth hunger, homelessness and suicide.


We believe business can do more. Profit for purpose, buy to unify, revenue to provide a new avenue…for the disadvantaged… you get it. Each pack of chai has a unique giving code that you can register to track the difference that you are making. 

Cups shared

attended Workshops


hi mate, no chai yet, we’re brewing.

Perfection takes time. Are you starting to get a little bit exited?

Ground Chai Original Blend

Currently brewing – NA

Ground Chai Original Blend

Currently brewing – NA


Mikhara Ramsing

Mikhara Ramsing is a social entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia. She runs two social enterprises in the human rights space: Ground ChaiTM, which offers unique tea products and Giving WorkshopsTMwhose profits fund initiatives to eliminate youth unemployment and suicide; and Ethnic LGBT+, a national website providing a safe place for members of the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) LGBTIQA+ community to share their stories. She believes stories save lives and has travelled around Australia in a self-built tiny home connecting with disadvantaged youth. She has been nominated as the Young Australian of the Year QLD 2019 and was awarded the Westpac Social Change Fellowship enabling her to attend Harvard University on design thinking principles.

Gabrielle Mason

Gabrielle Mason is an entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia. Ground ChaiTM is her first Social Enterprise and she recently came on board in March of 2019. Gabrielle has a background in brokerage, business development and investment consulting. Her fostered promotional skills, previously used to build profit for the sake of profit, are now used to build profit for the sake of purpose. She believes that the inspirational voices of people, have the ability and strength to change the world. Her dedication to creating a platform for youth to speak out, and people to tell their stories, has become a lifelong passion and purpose. Stories save lives.


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