Our Community Workshops

We deliver 3 quality workshops for sport clubs, student clubs and community groups focused on providing them with the skills of effective communication, how to quantify success and building a strong team.

Each workshop is highly adaptable. We work with you to understand what is it that your group needs and target our workshops to provide them with the skills as identified together. Each of these workshops have been run with groups ranging from 10 – 300 people. All that is needed is the floor space and we bring the rest. The timeframe of each workshop can be adapted to suit your needs and we are flexible on price, large group discounts are available.

Give us a call to see how we can make this work for you and equip your group with the skills to succed in a rapidly changing world.


How to say it

Stand up and deliver
  • Employers are willing to pay, on average, $15000pa more for employees who can speak and present.
  • In this workshop, participants will learn the formulae to deliver present their ideas convincingly and in an engaging, easy to follow manner, no matter the topic.
  • Engaging Toastmaster techniques, this workshop is aimed at all speaking abilities.

Ground Chai

The founder’s story
  • The story of Ground Chai’s founder, Mikhara Ramsing, how she made her success meaningful after climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro twice and to the base of Mt Everest.
  • An interactive workshop focused on inspiring the audience to expand their horizons and dream, how to set a vision and achieve it.
  • Listeners will learn the practical skills of goal setting and what it means to be agile in a rapidly changing world. They will get to practice and hone in on these skills throughout the workshop.

From group to team

Creating a shared vision
  • This interactive workshop will take your club to the next level through theatre sports and clear communication to create a team that understands and cares about each other.
  • Building empathy in your group empirically increases productivity and reduces failure as found in large mining companies to 2 people start-ups. Increase the success of your team with this workshop.

Faciliator & Workshop Experience

Ground Chai founder, Mikhara Ramsing, has co-developed the successful ‘Leadership is Action’ delivered to year 10 students at Barker College in Hornsby, Sydney for the last 5 years. The 3 day workshop empowers students with the skills of communication, connection and teamwork and gives them the opportunity to put these skills into action by organising their own leadership lession for younger students during the week.

For the last 8 years, Mikhara has facilitated our annual School Leadership Conference held at the University of Queensland. Working with 300 school leaders from around Queensland, she has delivered workshops focused on communication, team-building, adaptability and innovation. She is a pioneer in bringing content to life, never simply standing and speaking to the youth, she always has them on their feet, interacting, discussing and dancing their way to their own goals and ambitions.

Mikhara has worked with Bernie Kelly, Pride of Australia Medalist, for over a decade, delivering school workshops up and down the East coast of Australia and taking young Australians to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and to to the base of Mt Everest. She is able to deliver to her best under a range of situations – from inside the classroom to under the peaks of mountains.

A keynote speaker and our lead facilitator, Mikhara Ramsing, ensured the inaugral IMPACT Youth Social Enterprise Conference held over 3 days was a roaring success. Creating the energy needed for 150 participants to get the most out of meeting Australia’s leading social entrepreneur CEOs and investors, Mikhara knew how to keep the audience engaged and ensure the agenda ran on schedule and with gusto. A great motivational and knowledgeable speaker.

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